A Quarterly of Illustrated Clinical Lectures and especially prepared articles on Treatment, Medicine, Surgery, Neurology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pathology, Dermatology, Opthamology, Otology Rhinology. This school is small in comparison with many others but it is not always the large university which has for its teachers the greatest scholars. Gull had a highly cultivated faculty of ingratiating himself with patients, and he naturally put forth all his powers of captivation at the bedside of the heir to the throne, with the result that he supplanted Sieveking. You get the bone designs white paper.


I had been washing the bladder with a silver preparation and had in addition to urotropin prescribed a number of remedies without relief. The microbes invade the joints, and are found in the synovial sacs, and also in the pleura and pericardium. In the centers thru which a large number of people passed. Is hereditary influence a factor in the causation of uterine fibroids? Is it possible that these two apparently dissimilar diseases are the resultant symptoms of some unknown underlying cause? The only connection between the uterus and the lens of the eye is a developmental one. The third portion of the section in regard to its arrangement varies according to the field observed. Have already been under the care of an institution, and which become for some reason dissatisfied with their care and are determined to return to their homes. Nothing definite had been found. To deliver a kidney thru a small hole requires so much physical effort that the damage done to the surrounding tissues is one of the primary causes of failure to obtain union in the operative wound. In general peritonitis drainage is usually employed, though its value may be questioned.

Sphincter was first dilated with the fingers, and then the hemorrhoids were allowed to prolapse. While these opinions are being openly proclaimed at this time, one of the most influential and representative medical organizations in the country, the Medical Society of the County of New York, is debarred from discussing this subject. The War Pensions Gazette was started in for the exchange of ideas on aid to soldiers. Such a resolution and by-laws for county societies was submitted as being suggestive and which might be adopted with very slight alteration by the several county medical societies of the state. In most of my cases I have had no opportunity to make thorough examinations of the urine, so that I was unable to determine its degree of antiseptic power: all that I know is that in cases in which the urine was turbid and filled with mucus and pus, it rapidly cleared up and lost its offensive The drug also seems to have some pain-relieving quality, for even before the urine had become perfectly sterile the tenesmus was often greatly I have recently read an abstract of an article that appeared in a German journal detailing some comparative experiments with hexamethylene-tetramin and helmitol in the Hygienic Institute of Ziirich, in which the author. But in this busy age, in this"iron age of positivism," it is doubtful if what we should write would be read with patience were wx to indulge in sentiments of this kind. Another device recommended by the author is a hot-air apparatus with fine movable point, especially indicated in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. The peritoneum, where the omentum was attached, and the serous surface of ileum bled freely when separated. Surgeon-General Jameson, director-general of the medical department, said that from year to year an epidemic of typhoid occurred at Ladj'smith and Pielermaritzburg, and on the outbreak of the war he saw that such an event stared them in the face. The accompanying table is given to show the relative effect at different distances based upon the rule that applies to all forms of radiant energy that the intensity varies inversely as the In the first column are the distances at two-inch intervals. This is a particularly important problem that calls for solution in view of the tremendous opportunities for constructive efforts frequently is discouraging. Its use is entirely empirical. When her attention was called to BIERHOFF: ABORTING GONORRHEA IN THE MALE. It is a question lying wholly within the domain of medical jurisprudence. BIERHOFF: ABORTING GONORRHEA IN THE MALE. Harold Seney Hospital ASSOCIATED PHYSICIANS OF LONG ISLAND. The children should be kept as far as possible in a natural environment, and thus accustomed to the surroundings amid which they must spend their lives.

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