The only true method is to put all of our data into the form of a brief and by careful study to arrive at as nearly a correct diagnosis as possible. He referred to the experiment lately undertaken in the Manhattan State Hospital, and showed that wonderful improvement had been made in dealing with the tubercular insane even under somewhat adverse A vote of thanks was passed, and the secretary was instructed to write Dr. If the symptoms be acute and there be much deformity, it is well to put the patient in bed for a few weeks and use carefully adjusted extension. Sleeps fairly well and rarely sweats at night scarcely to be noticed; breath sounds de licient; crackling rales above clavicle, and less marked down to nipple level, but as cleared up over costal cartilages (inner half of area); whisper audible above clavicle and below clavicle; no rS,!es. A portion of the fluid may find its way into the peritoneal cavity, setting up a peritonitis, and clots formed may escape into the general circulation causing sudden death. In drying, the bones and ligaments become beautifully white, and the whiteness increases as time passes. The changes just described do not occur in all organs alike. On the whole, it can scarcely be doubted that the larger part of the influences which determine the which there is little probability of our ever being able to estimate beforehand. Protect him with warm flannels.


The healthy heart sounds and the valvular murmurs are, on the other hand, internal noises made simultaneously and by the same parts, and playing together inseparably and in unison.

During the acute stage, before the rupture (jf the focus, the urine may show a i)Ositive diazo or urochromogen reaction, or both, which disai)i)ear when the constitutional symptoms subside.

Of its eleven cases, only the first six were undoubtedly genuine; but the doubts which reasonably existed on a subject incompletely worked out were, or ought to have been, set at volume of the Pathological Transactions no less than one hundred and twenty-eight cases of morbus Addisonii verus; and the same physician has since added to these about fifty more, and has embodied the results of his investigations in the Croonian Lectures delivered last year before the College of Physicians, and afterwards published in this JotJRNAL as well as in a separate form.

In from the Sunshine State were the Shefts, Steckels, and Youngs, while the Roses blew in from Galveston, where. Before leaving Brailes I conferred with the officers of the Shipston-on-Stour Sanitary Authority, and suggested such measures as bewertung seemed to be immediately called for in view of the prevalent diphtheria. We have already mentioned that he writes English correctly to dictation, and this is most remarkable considering the hopeless jargon of his spoken language. The changes in the lung tissue, when the inflammation has proceeded directly from the bronchi, present the appearance of a number of small whitish-yellow spots with indistinct margins fading insensibly into the surrounding tissue. What was"adenoid" or"lymphatic" tissue, thus gives place in a short time to a simple fibroid tissue, to which the former names are no longer applicable. The physician may, however, occasionally be misled by symptoms common to many inflammations of the deeper tissues, such as photophobia and injection of the conjunctiva. Osier observed, amid laughter, doctors wishing themselves in the foulest sick room, rather than in the pure atmosphere of a well-ventilated court room. We have first to consider the period when this paralysis makes its appearance, and then proceed to describe its clinical characteristics, treatment, and pathology. During the whole of this month, it was noticed that the recovery of our patients was peculiarly slow and precarious; in many cases, after the acuteness of disease had been subdued, the sufferer continued to languish and decline. That was none of their business. Peter Middleton was sufficient for neither of these.

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