On motion, the Association resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, with Dr. MILDRED men, and all his people, in the Name of the Lord. The face becomes livid, the lips are blue, and the pupils are contracted.

There is atrophy, that is, diminution in volume of the muscular fibres. Several have already completed their education and have proceeded to Central Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the United receiving ship New Hampshire and ordered to the receiving ship Wabash. Most agricultural laborers pay an annual membership fee for health care, and an equal or larger amount is paid from a collective accumulation fund of the production teams.

In the examination of the various soils, there is observed a constant change as we pass from one variety of rock strata to the other. These bougies should be numbered according to their diameters.

The parturition was uneventful, child large and thrifty, and breathed and cried in the usual order. He says:" We not only believed, but constantly taught, that we were able to make broken limbs more perfect than we actually could make them. Buchanan proceeded to discuss the resolution, and at the close of his remarks, moved to lay it on the table, which was subsequently withdrawn. The apparatus founts there is a mercurial guage to indicate the pressure, the operator runs no risk of an explosion by charging too high.

Leaving aside these general results from out some very striking facts which suggest more definite conclusions. He referred to the use of chlorate of potassium and tincture of iron, and then mentioned the remedies most commonly employed in the local treatment of the throat. If in jambul we find a substance which will respond to all necessary indications and do away with this formidable list, I am sure it will be welcomed by the medical profession. By William Strange, Embracing Electro-Physiology and Electricity as a Therapeutic, with special reference to Practical Medicine; showing the most approved Apparatus, Methods and Rules for the medical uses of Electricity in the treatment of Nervous Diseases. McCormack a committee was appointed to draft suitable memorial upon the death of Dr.

On opening the bodies of animals who are killed by some poison acting directly on the heart, scarlet blood is found in the left side of that organ, and the heart and large arteries appear turgid. The duration of the treatment varied within wide limits, from six to thirty-six days, the average period being twenty days, which, under strict supervision, could be reduced to twelve or fifteen days.

Even in the lutter periods of protracted paroxysm, when the prostration of strength appears extreme, we should hesitate in giving wine and cordials. And that the Treasurer be authorized to pay out from any money in his hands, such sum as may be necessary to defray the publication of such The Society suspended further business to listen to a thesis by The Society met as adjourned. It was an experiment, attended with danger, which the doctor was eager to make, and the patient, with perhaps a Umited understanding of the matter, seemed willing should It was contended by the defence that the case was not one of malpractice, nor could it quite be called an assault, and it fell short of the definition of a tort. Whenever it takes place, it attacks several infants within a short time; and chiefly those who may be in the last stage of obstinate bowel complaints, in which the stools are of a waxy or clayey consistence." affect the muscles, but only those of the lower jaw, which became perfectly rigid: but this spasm or tetanus does not seem to be a frequent symptom, nor do convulsions extend to the extremities, as they are found to do in France,nor have I discovered any extravasation in the cellular membrane afier death, reported to be constantly met with in that country.

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