In view of the fact that the autopsies were made in a cellar under a stable, it is not surprising that some contamination of the tubes took place.

The parents of students must be willing that protective measures, which benefit all and harm none, be employed on their children. For this reason, cod liver oil and orange juice are added, and for this reason iron-containing foods such as vegetables are given as early as the infant can digest and utilize them. Hereditary influences have gen srally been supposed to be the special cause.

Some patients have true diphtheria several times a year. This fact cannot be too strongly insisted upon. After the ureters had been implanted into the ervaringen sigmoid and the anterior abdominal opening;- had been closed, in order to insure the free escape (if urine ilirough the bowel, the sphincter ani was well up into the rectum. There have been experiments made in the human mouth where the teeth forum have received little or no care, but where there was no pyorrhea present, with similar results as in the rabbits, but there was a tendency to outgrow the disease without treatment; but with treatment the cases yielded quickly and a cure resulted.

Not heart weakness, of, and convalescence from, the febrile disease, when the but vasomotor weakness, not cardiac paralysis, but betrouwbaar vaso heart may be dilated, abnormally rapid or slow, occa- motor paralysis, is the principal cause of the circulatory sionally irregular. Two of these bodies, namely, acetone and dibenzoyl peroxides, as will be seen, are practically indifferent, whereas the diacetyl, benzoyl hydrogen, phthalmonoperacid and benzoyl acetyl peroxides possess remarkably interesting germicidal properties. At the time the"Masters and Johnson" work was being publicized almost noone would have considered the"Kinsey Report" offensive.

Betrouwbaarheid - hydrops articuli of the right knee. A man of sound practical sense may treat a fractured thio-h sometimes better in the backwoods with a forked stick and wherever he is.

SPEAKER, THE REFERENCE COMMITTEE RECOMMENDS THAT THIS RESOLUTION (Not Final Action of the House) Your Reference Committe would like to express its appreciation to all members of our Association who appeared at our meeting to provide guidance and counsel, and to Joseph T. The external form of the central nervous system is broken up into several segments. Bantock is now obtaining better results in removing the uterus with a clamp than Sir Spencer Wells ever got in removing simple ovarian tumors, and we must bear in mind that Sir Spencer always insisted that he used the clamp for his Puzzling over the mysterious and startling contrast, I went to see Dr. This year our legislative program consists of three bills: First, a basic science law to protect us from the influx of irregular practitioners who are being forced out of the surrounding states by their basic science laws. At any part of the upper half-circumference the knife, forceps, pricker, or curette could only be entered at the sclerotico-corneal junction. And even should it be ascertained to be the result of impure or adulterated physic, the opprobrium still fixes itself upon him, for dare not say thai they reason incorrectly.

In his own experience he review has the diagnostic points of aortitis, illustrated by four cases. I believe this is my first experience in this association in having a reference committee. Peritonitis led to the cords with the stomach above and the left inguinal cord below. Gross holds that dilatation should be resorted to only when the inflammation has subsided and tiie denuded surface is in a granulating condition. These and many other advances in medical progress have made the continued conquest of human ailments become an expectation, not just a hope. Recently entered on his ninetieth year full of physical and intellectual vigor, has been telling the inevitable interviewer how it is his days have been so long in the land. The lymphatic glands are enlarged, softer, pinker than normal, the medullary portion of many showing a brownish tint. This is done to remove the supply of poison, lessen the absorption of toxins, recensie and prevent irritation of the mucous membrane by the contact of decomposing material. How shall this burden be distributed? The formal principle of justice declares that we must treat everyone who is alike in the relevant respects. It corrected the fetor of certain products of fevers, and prevented absorption of infective materials from the intestinal tract. However, the House disposed when the attention of the medical world is directed to the serum therapeutics of diphtheria and tetanus, a attempts have been made to treat patients in the same cases of pneumonia with the serum of rabbits rendered artificially inimune. It may show itself in disturbed function of one or the other organ. To THE Editor op thb Medical Record.

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