Five or six circular turns were made over the compresses, viz., three above and three below the knee, and the roller was then fixed by two or three turns upon the knee itself. The motion thus produced in the bowels, and the friction of one intestine over the other, may relax the spasm, but the for the next two or three days, and drink only lukewarm water. The surgeon's part, therefore, is now not and the practical side of the scientific evolution I have briefly sketched is the antiseptic system.

The members chosen were thought to be equally divided between those for and those against present Blue Shield policies. Both had been subjected to protracted conservative treatment for the control of bleeding and hepatic failure. It is this continued accommodation, known as ciliary spasm, which may mask an astigmatism or cause one, and for that reason no objective method can adequately determine the refractive state of the eye; therefore, those who practise putting the ciliary muscle in abeyance are bound to obtain the most exact findings in their refraction work. Presented a patient with a severe and intractable lupus of the leg which had the rebellious ulcerations, which had resisted treatment for years, completely cicatrized and the vegetations disappeared. These tubes were closed by a sterilized cotton plug, and a platinum needle extended from the plug to the agar-agar. Boyco The patient was very thin and weak-looking; ho vomited all food, even fluids, and was fed by nutrient enemata for tlje first two days in hospital. Concerning this, however, we do not agree. Forty-fourth day: No further gastric trouble and empyema cavity now very small. It is important to let the patient know what is happening. The dwellers in towns and cities, who are the chief victims of syphilitic infection, will no doubt receive the advantage of increased facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of their disease, because the Commission urges the necessity of encouraging existing institutions to bestir themselves in this direction, and recommends that they should be subsidized for tho purpose from both imperial funds and the local rates. There is little satisfaction to a patient if the transplanted muscle merely responds to faradism, or even makes a feeble movement by the effort of the will. A spokesman for the AAGP further predicted that its Commission on Education would recommend a minimum of two years of graduate training for future membership before the Congress of Journal of Iowa State Medical Society The do-gooders, irrepressible in their ambition to have the government do for us what we should be doing for ourselves, are at it again and with security do not seem to realize is that if we were money enough of our own to pay for what we It has been covered before, but it will bear bill now before Congress would supposedly If this care, hospitalization and sick benefit Simple: By a payroll tax, applied to every wage billion the first year. In one case all the glands were swollen and red, the lymphatics dilated and contained bloody lymph." may be unchanged, though in three of my cases they were of a deep in the same year, says there is" absence of lymphatic enlargement or involvement of the spleen except in a small degree." swollen and intensely red in color, owing to the unusual number of red corpuscles, some of which are nucleated." Ehrlich and Lazarus (Nothnagel's Specielle Pathologic und Therapie, nothing characteristic, especially no splenic enlargement, the mesenteric lymph glands were found to be swollen (Eichhorst, Quincke, etc.). - the base hospitals," the writer continues," within a fortnight after Loos were practically normal again, except for the retention of some of the worst cases which it was thought inadvisable to move. The hiccough became less severe immediately that the needles were introduced, but returned as soon as they were removed. The reasons for this state of affairs are too well known to re quire mention here. The appetite had declined, but anorexia was vomited once, and eructations of gas were frequent.

That mother, in a subsequent pregnancy, gave birth to another in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Neuromiiscuiar and Medical Conditions.

His speech was quite blurred and incomprehensible, and he could not be roused by any stimulus, auditory, visual, or tactile. In recent conversation with a highly respectable physician, I was informed that he had used this article in cases of this kind with marked benefit; that he had given it merely for its tonic properties, without any regard to its specific operation upon the malarious poison; and that upon reflection, he recollected of having used it with decided advantage, where other tonics were useless or even Some of the ferruginous preparations may be given, alternately, with the quinia, and even continued for some time after the latter is withheld. This building was in the emergency used for religious opposite or eastern side of the highway, on land provided by Amicius, Archdeacon of Surrey, and dedicated it to" The Lord Peter's charter of indulgence for twenty days granted by him for this hospital. When the patient was fifteen years of age she had a severe attack of chlorosis, from which she entirely recovered. Nine The patient was submitted to the treatment which I described in my former paper on the subject of neurasthenia, but electricity was not used. The passage to the lungs and the stomach in the horse are distinct. Fry, of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, and Miss Taylor, the intrepid Thibetan traveller, took part in this meeting, which was presided over by Professor Simpson, of Edinburgh. In a few cases profound jaundice, with danger to Hfo, has supervened, and even death has Other explosives discussed aretetryl (tetra-nitro-methylanilin), during the manipulation of which a light dust, which may cause troublesome eczema, is produced; and iulminato of mercury, which involves the liability to Tliere is a section on tetrachlorethano, which is a solvent for acetate of cellulose, and is an ingredient of the dope varnish applied to tho canvas covermgs and tapes of aeroplane wings and bodies, in order, by impregnating them with cellulose, to render them impervious to moisture and air.

For a week after the injury he was also deaf; the right eye soon recovered, but at the end of a week ho saw badly with the left.

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