In most instances several abscesses take place in succession, but at various intervals, some of which heal, while others remain open, assuming the form of fistulous sinuses, at the bottom of which carious bone may be distinguished by means of a probe.

A resolution was passed condemning every form of legislation favoring the graduates of any particular medical school Walsh gave an address on Cystoscopy in Diagnosis and part. After crossing the annular ligament, it detaches also a deep communicating branch, which dips down between the flexor brevis and abductor minimi digiti, to join tlie deep arch from the radial. A resolution was passed to create a fund by assessment for the purpose of securing evidence and prosecuting all violations of the practice act. Day after admission, she had one of her attacks, beginning with chill, followed by exaltation of temperature. Medical Officer for the Stockport District and the MEETINGS OF SOCIETIES DURING THE Wk cannot undertake to reti;rn Manuscripts not used' CORRESPONDES-TS are particularly requested by the Editor to observe the publishers, Messrs.

Here we were taught the best methods of safeguarding those who had to come into direct contact with the patient. The iris and ciliary body were inflamed, and there was a slight hyphemia in the deepened anterior chamber. But it is not by regulating the absorption of woorara only that we are able to prevent its toxic action.

The weaknesses of our method, or rather lack of method, of enacting health laws are common to our entire legislative system.

And the employment of anaesthetics has certainly not had the effect of increasing the gentleness of operative interference. Examples, however, have been, though rarely, seen of a sixth finger parallel to the other fingers, and properly supported by a sixth metacarpal bone. Chauss.) arises tendinous from that portion of the outer and back part of the ulna, unoccupied by the insertion of the anconeus; it arises also from tlieback part of the outer condyle, covered at its origin from the outer condyle by the extensor communis digitorum and by the extensor carpi radialis brevior. This worthy recognition of the public importance and interest of this great meeting will be gratifying to the whole profession, and reflects honour on a mayoralty which will long be remembered in the City of London as one of the most memorable in the civic annals. Geatley says that when he drew the testator's attention to the propriety of making a will, he asked him about providing for his niece, and his answei object of it. Bones on the second and the whole hand on the fore-arm; it is likewise an adductor of the arises from the back part of the outer condyle in common with the extensor carpi ulnaris on its outer side, and the extensor carpi radialis brevior on its inner side. Each of those tendons runs in its own synovial sheath, and these are, from their superficial situation and from their proximity to the bones over which they pass, peculiarly liable to be affected by pressure, as from tight boots. The ordinary cotton -plugged test-tubes I do not use, because of the rapid drying out permitted by them, as well as the opportunities for infection with is not disturbed. All matters relative to the Journal and its policies were referred to the Trustees. In one case there was a stricture of the trachea, the whole lumen was swollen and he was unable to pass the bronchoscope at the first sitting; in another case he found an ulceration of the mucous membrane.

These ganglion was first pointed out by Ehrenritter, and mentioned by Soemmerriiig on his autliority.t Very little attention seems to have l)een paid to this ganglion, so that when it was lately its existence in the homon subject had been swellings upon the root of the glosso-pharyngeal in the ox, but he failed to detect any similar ganglion in the human species. It is more quickly administered, and more manageable; it requires less to be given; it produces a mach and by inhalation, with decided benefit, and without the least stage of phthisis, suffering very acutely from cystitis and incessant micturition, which resisted narcotic treatment. The joint, after the accident, was much swollen and very painful, and patient was confined to bed for a month. The broad ligaments of the uterus were normally formed; the round ligaments passed through the inguitial canal accompanied each by an artery larger than that of the corresponding one in the female sex.

A luncheon at noon, and an informal smoker and entertainment in the evening of the first day of the session were A resolution was adopted by the society expressing appreciation of the one-million-dollar donation by Mn John D.

On examination the uterus is found to be small and hard. No patient died of the disease after leaving the hospital; no patient was made worse by the operation; otherwise every patient was either benefitted or cured. The patient was discharged cured thirty days after operation.