Colored, viscus in the left hypochondriac region. The lapis lazuli, and highly prized for the beauty and permanence of its color. It may be excited by catheterism or by distension of the bladder; and rest even in the recumbent position has no effect in stopping it. In this situation it will be discovered only by a careful examination by a physician; indeed, there arc instances in which the sore is located at some point inaccessible to the eye.

The hippocampal lobnle, however, is relatively much smaller than in the Mmatic animals, and perhaps is absolutely smaller than in The conditions which lead to variations in the size of the hippocampus proper are not clear, but there appears to be an inverse ratio between the size of the gyms fomicatns and the gyrus hippocampi. In some of these cases it seems incomprehensible how the body can be sustained by the very slight amoi'nt of nourishment retained in the stomach. Tnis w r ould permit of their ready removal for the cloth being saturated with the solution, thereby effectually excluding Before closing this abstract of cases, demonstrating the varied adaptation of this novel addition to surgery, I will add a case in illustration of a mode of dressing lacerated wounds of the scalp, which has been followed by beneficial results. A stem having the appearance of a bulb, but not its structure. To accomplish this, a sufficient number of assistants was procured from the members of the medical class, who cheerfully offered their services. If opportunity offers, he may use the waters of Vichy or Plombieres, and, in general, avoid acids. The end of the suture is now brought out at s, and, if the denuded area be small, it may be tied and cut short.

INFLUENCE OF VARIOUS PHOSPHATES AND OTHER COMPLEXING AGENTS ON EXPERIMENTAL TRANSMISSION OF ENZOOTIC TYPHLOHEP AT I T I S OF TURKEYS AS A BASIS FOR TESTING DRUGS, ESPECIALLY TRICHOMYCIN. The conditions with which chronic cystitis is most likely to be confused are neuropathic states of the bladder, tuberculosis of the bladder, and In neuropathic conditions pus is generally absent, though pain and frequency of micturition may be present. They were blackenedr bat had no divided, as they had begun to cut the skin. To treat this fracture, it is only necessary to keep the by the application of hot cloths. The Refraction and Functional Testing of the Eye, complete in itself, in Twenty-eight Chapters, with Numerous Explanatory Cuts and Ear, and Throat Hospital, Demonstrator and Chief of Clinic of Eye and Ear Diseases in Text-Book of Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses. This it was decided to remove by means of an incision along the outer border of the external rectus, cutting through the peritoneum twice.

And here I will remark, that in these fifty cases, no one was occurred during the latter period of the disease. The famous eau de luce, which was attended with success in the hands of de Jussieu and M. Another reason of the failure of the prescribing physician meeting the expectation anticipated, is the use of old and inert medicines. The whole tissue was converted into an indefinite granular mass in which Weigert's stain showed some filaments of fibrin. He returned in about two weeks' time, at which visit (the second) I found that his ocular conditions Avere improved. And we'll take the land, and sweep the band of New Yorkers how many hotels the land only knows. Oliver also suggests their i)robable value ))hysiological action of the active j)rinciple and that of digitalis. The fruit of the Fraga'ria ves'ca, a plant of the Linnsean class Icosandria, natural order Rosacea. Up of pus, discharge of pus scess. The cornea soon begins to look cloudy and white, and the vision is correspondingly impaired.

As already indicated in the previous pages, domestic remedies must consist in the avoidance of such impropriety of diet, clothing, exercise and habits, and during the menstrual week of maintaining the recumbent posture.

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