Under this treatment the shock gradually passed away, and the patient rapidly progressed toward recovery. Dissertation must be printed or typewritten, and their pages must be bound in book form.

By Parker It has been shown that red blood cells, passing through or near burned or traumatized tissues, agglutinate into small, hard masses.

In the meantime a perceptible change was going on in my heart and mind, and friends united in censuring me for my eccentric conduct. Fifteen successive cases of infectious mononucleosis were studied "" and although the serum bilirubin was function by more than one test. This narrowing of one's field of activity is not to be condemned, provided it has taken place through a natural process of selection and has been based upon a proper knowleilge and experience of the whole surgical field.

They were still loose and contained mucus, but had more mixture of food than evening. Since then some hundreds of attempts have patients operated upon (fifty-two to sixty-six per cent,, according to different authors) died from the effects of the operation itself. He had led an irregular life, but it was not positive that he had ever contracted syphilis. No artificial method of feeding will ever take the place of mother's milk, and this fact should be urged upon mothers who wish to escape this taxing ordeal.

Sloane Maternity Hospital have organized a society, and L. Rae, visits A foretaste of winter is afforded us by sharp frosts, piercing winds and snowfall, interrupted for a day or two by soft balmy breezes, which we call"Indian Summer," but which the French habitant styles: This is a short period, of uncertain occurrence and of In winter the snowfall does not bear a direct ratio to the cold. Bray, Burritt, Cranston, Douglas, Edwards, Henderson, Husband, Logan, Morden, A Committee was appointed to wait upon the Ontario Legislature, praying that body to so amend the Medical Act as to provide for the representation at the Council only of bodies actually engaged in teaching, and bodies granting degrees; also the homoeopathic body and The motion was passed, but the time for appearing before the Legislature was not named. Being asked to select the most suitable site, he is said to have caused pieces of meat to be hung up in different quarters of the city, and to have chosen the place where they were slowest in showing signs of decomposition. Bony union takes place where osseous stnictures come in contact and the interstices are filled with a fibrous tissue. A thorough search should be made after each meal, and not one should be allowed to remain.

She can sit up, and there is very little discharge. Les mSmes barbiers s'obligent, sous peine d'une amende de douze deniers au profit de leur chariU, a accompagner jusqu'au lieu de la sepulture quiconque d'entre eux ou de leur famille Dans les statuts des fabricants de chandelles de suif, donner dix sous k la chariU de sa corporation en le recevant chez lui, k moins egalement que Tapprenti ne soit fils, petit- fi Is, frere ou neveu de fabricant de meme metier. After its full development on the ninth or tenth day, the vaccinial lesion is followed by drying, crusting and scarring.

Thelast method only will be here discussed. To this end is followed either the plan of Cleveland' of enclosing in the ligature the wire loop of a galvanocautery, or that of Grad' of placing in each turn of the knot a releasing pull-thread. Colds in the head and inflammation about the pharynx always aggravate this condition of the vocal bands. She had possessed great intelligence, and had been very industrious, was always temperate, and had usually enjoyed good health until the beginning of her present trouble. Benefit was also derived from the direct galvanic current applied to the muscle there was great improvement, at the time an eruption appeared on face and chest, believed to be due to the atropia. At the Convocation on Wednesday, June Wallace, M., from the Toronto School of The following passed the Primary: Fletcher, W,; Cleland, G.