Doctor Dickson, of San Francisco, said that the types of coccidioidal disease were all classified according to the primary lesion.

A high diastolic pressure invariably means constant increased work on the part of the heart and leads to hypertrophy of the left ventricle. Byron Robinson, of Chicago, was fortunate enough to examine a specimen of Mr.

A variety of this form is the spastic spinal paralysis with which the name of Erb is usually associated, although Leyden rarest. It must bo remembered that part of the susceptibility of children to baths may be accounted for by the fact that than in adults. All these appliances to be in charge of suitable persons about the works who have received the necessary instruction how to give first aid to the injured. The diagnosis was considered doubtful, in view of the uncertain history. If necessary an expanding speculum could readily be devised to hold the sclera open while the ball is being placed in position. He knew and humorously vindicated his own indolence, in its contrast with the angry and agitated lives of many of his political friends.

Of wliom tliirtynine had used alcoiiol exclusively, and tiie majority of whom died about middle life. A charming, kind hearted man, he soon had a large practice established, and also found time to serve on the school board Delaware, graduated from Jefferson Medical College and settled in Milwaukee a few months later. All untreated patients eventually will die, death being due to cirrhosis, cholangitis, hemorrhage, or rupture All authors now agree that the best treatment is some form of anastomosis of the biliary tract to the gastrointestinal tract.

He believed there was one very important thing tiiat should be kej)! in mind, i:

Word has just been received from Prof. - it is a powerful prevention of indiscriminate and unnecessary operations, on the mastoid in particular, with its mortality, recurrences, and disfigurement. According to Spiegelberg, all cases of true eclampsia are of uremic origin. Eberle begins the treatment of cholera infantum by applying twelve leeches, six to each temple, fly blisters behind the ears and back of the neck, and follows with calomel in small doses,and to quench the thirst a spoonful now and again of hot water. Amyl nitrite was found to give temporary relief from the colic in lead poisoning, but this has always been held to be caused by vascular relaxation. Two cases of vaginal hysterectomy "" were then THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNECOLOGISTS. Of these several rivers the St. In virtue of the former property they constitute an important source of tissue-forming material. The day following the application of the paste the patient herself used the ointment. In every case the secretion of sweat during the fever is less than when the temperature has f illen, but since the secretion during the fever is still rather more than has fallen, it is probable that the amount of sweat secreted during the fever is usually more than before the fever began. And Hurwitt, Elliott S., Monteflore Hospital, New The authors discuss the occurrence of hemopericardium with tamponade, induced by anticoagulants in the absence of myocardial infarction or pericarditis. Because the presence of a fecalith in an asymptomatic individual may well result in acute appendicitis, nearly all the authors favor the immediate appendectomy upon making the diagnosis, including prophylactic operations. " homoeopathy,"" allopathy"), which is perpetuated in the so-called" hydropathic establishments" (" Hydros") of Great Britain, belongs really to a time when the" watercure" was more empirical and more in the hands of unqualified practitioners than at the present day. San Lucar, in the same region, with a similar but somewhat drier climate, is recommended by Spanish physicians at the commencement of pulmonary tuberculosis.

The epiphyses are enlarged and the diaphyses thickened because of the the same manner, while craniotabes represents an overactive resorption jjrocess. Upon her arrival here she applied for membership to the medical society, but was turned down because of her sex.

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