To begin with, we must exclude the fats, because they will not be digested and assimilated. The asthma of old age, however, must be treated very differently: here, instead of debilitating, it becomes necessary to support and stimulate the patient under the exhaustion of the paroxysms. Mental emotion is a second potent cause. This test appears especially in the launching of new health plans.

Take of Mix, and give to an adult tAvo table -spoonfuls for a dose, and to children, according to their age, from a dessert-spoonful upwards. With your help NCA will continue to do just that.

The air may be absorbed and no ill elTect follow.

The sulphate of aluminum is the new iniection for The Chloride of Silver Dry Cell BaUery Company, Baltimore, Md., make an elegant and efficient Faradic Rubber goods which have become hardened by age may be restored to almost the original softness iif simply soakiig in a water of ammonia, dila'ed with twice its Imllr of fresh water, and that this does not may be restored by dusting well with chalk or kaolin.

Chlorate of soda, three times a day after meals, and ftur ounces of olive oil when the first symptom of pain begins, and if this does not operate in six hours, give four ounces more If the stomach is irritable give a hypodermic of one quarter grain morphine to hold the ml of soda after meals and two ounces of olive oil Continue the soda in each case, if it does good, for three or four m mths. In this way I have seen chronic sranular erosions, with leucorrhea, disappear very rapidly under its use. Ehythmical thinnings of the hair shaft, imparting a beaded appearance to the affected hairs. In small doses it also stimulates the spinal cord, producing a desire for muscular activity, and increasing activity of reflexes.

Gowers supposes that the taste fibres from the back of the tongue must leave the ninth nerve at its petrosal ganglion, then pass by Jacobson's nerve through the tympanic plexus, and thence through the small superficial petrosal and the otic ganglion to the third division of the fifth nerve.

Up to the first of March, last, the groups should be kept separate, in order to judge fairly of the method. Premature puherty, with the development of the secondary sexual characters, may appear as early as the iifth or sixth year. Transferable drug resistance is mediated by an episomal element, the R factor, and is considered of major importance in salmonella. Dilate the stricture up to' the full extent, with Newman's electric sounds if you have them, with steel sounds otherwise.

Stryker began to restrict his activities in the last year or so of his life, it was agreed that it would be a fine thing if Harold came to this office.

Why will women persist in nursing cluldren so long, when statistics show that pregnancy is more likely to'occur during lactation than at other times? The best treatment of rack a case is to wean the baby, give a rich diet and tonics, especially iron, lime and codliver oil. It is most frequently met with in young persons, but may occur at any age, and may follow not only errors in diet, but also cold, exposure, and malaria, as well as the conditions associated with portal obatrnction, chronic heart-disease, and nephritis, (b) Emotional disturbances may be followed by jaundice, which is believed to be due to catarrhal swelling. If he has rabies he will soon distinctiy show it, and will be dead within tea days. As a rule the aura is purely sensory in character, that is to say, it consists of a sensation of a peculiar character that is apparent to the individual himself, but that is not appreciable to a looker-on. Subjectively, chronic functional constipation is a frequent source of distress and discomfort in your patients. Whenever you need an effective adjunct to hormonal therapy for tense, menopausal patients, response to the stresses of everyday living. It is set in the home of a distinguished family in China.

Even the same patient may not always act in like manner to the same drug.