So, because Bordier was, like most other persons similarly diseased, depressed in body and low-spirited, he also, like the few, laboured under insanity afterwards when his disease was cured. The Journal can be obtained of all Booksellers and Newsmen, Post-office Orders and Drafts on Army or Navy Agents, should STATISTICAL SANITARY AND MEDICAL REPORTS The section devoted to the consideration of the sickness and mortality among soldiers' wives contains much highly interesting matter, and is of an eminently suggestive nature, from both the sanitary and social point of view. We should hardly feel inclined to encourage them in breaking through the salutary restraints which society has imposed upon their sex.

The writer of this letter was informed that women at Aldershot, confessing themselves diseased, actually clamoured for admission to the Lock Hospital, and on, being refused, replied that they would go and lay up as many soldiers as they could. On tins surface the ulna glides, embracing it by the gap between the olecranon and the coronoid proce.sses known as the is extended, and the coronoid process in foetal life the joint begins its development as a.simple slit between two ends of bone Avhich are apposed very much as the ends of the finger bones are in the adult. As made; but in the second week the urine became fetid, so that it was necessary to wash out the bladder. Flexner of the Rockefeller Institute I wish here to express my best thanks for their kindness in supplying me with the Rockefeller Institute for his valuable suggestions and to Dr. For this purpose either the knife or the galvano-cautery may be employed. Most commonly, a severe catarrh or Route.

Death occurred from pyaemia, due not only to oste'-myelitis, which ultimately made its appearance, but to the septic condition engendered before the amputation was performed, and which, in the enfeebled constitution of the patient, was unavailing. Yet it is fair to question Iiow far we clinicians are really familiar with llie ideally normal drundiead; certainly among hundreds of presumably normal school children I have seen few that even approached to a modei'ate ideal; and once, in a child with hearing that seemed to be al)solutely normal, I found a drum membrane so delicate that it was alinost as in visible as though a microscopic coverglass had been placed across the canal. Tenn., pointed out the chief indications for this operation, described the method of operating which is usually practiced, and reported cases. The chordae tendinese of the anterior segment of the mitral valve were much thickened. In the ibrrtier case, the iris is in the latter it is convex, and pushed forwards. Since the conditions in the systemic veins arc much more favorable for thrombosis, embolism of the pulmonary arteries is much more common than of the systemic arteries. Then woe to the mother if the cervix does not yield, if the pelvis is narrowed, if, in short, any obstacle should delay the passage of the child. The rays, in the polarization of light more to the right hand than any substance known. In fractures of the base, and at times after operation on the stapes, there is an excessive serous discharge, which rapidly flUs the meatus if it is not firmly packed. He also complained that for the last six months he would quite frequently make mistakes in figuring and in names. The with gasand water-supply, and convenient arrangements for microscopes and working instruments. As to the second stage of the operation, consisting in extending the small incision by traction, there is nothing new in it, for the English Surgeons have long been in the habit of penetrating into the bladder through a small incision in the prostate, and, having introduced the gorget, enlarging the aperture without employing the lithotome as is done in France. The empyema was confined to the posterior part of the chest by dense adhesions. X, Excitiiis circuit; r, ffalvanometer circuit; Z, polarizing circuit; blact arrow, direction of electrotonic currents; dotted arrow, direction of electromotive effect due to excitation. The carotid was tied above the aperture and below it. And niixj;,' hernia.' Hernia uteri.

In such as, n insulator, the resistance would have been so great as to have limitec the flow in current below the kthal dose A wel -insulated contact also serves to increase the lesistance and to nuuimize the current The superficies governs the distribution of current on the one liaud, or its current density on the other With la,rge square-inch area of contact, the greater the current diffusion; with small superficies the greater the current density, within a localized area. Each of these, however, closely resembles the Bacillus coli cfimmunis.

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