He was then laying on his right side against the door of the stall.

Are portions of the same projections, and are situated just under the two ends of the navicular bone, and mark the point on either side where diminution in the'natural elasticity of the fatty frog would be felt with the greatest seventy by the navicular joint; for under the most favorable circumstances, the quantity of cushion between these points and the navicular joint cannot be very lavtre; nnd hence the importance of our doing all we can to preserve its elasticity as long as possible. The position of the long head of the biceps and the resulting defect are caused by arthritis deformans of the shoulder-joint.

This point is of great importance; and as, when the cow is in low condition or very poor, it will appear somewhat harder and closer than it otherwise would, some practice and close observation are required to judge well of this mark. Flowing robes, a crown of thorns, and the general cut of hair and beard, suggest an affected resemblance to approved likenesses of the Savior. It is not proposed here to give even an outHne of these discussions, but to transcribe such notes upon the prevalence of leprosy in various locahties and countries as have been mentioned in the journals and publications referred to. It is only requisite in performing this operation to place a twitch upon the animal, and while he is standing to take the penis in the left hand, and with an ampu tating knife in the right to sever it at one stroke. The most pressing want in regard to this valuable institution is, according to the report of Dr.

It appears most probable that in all cases the condition dated from birth (the only doubtful cases being Case III, which I report, and which Professor Oppenheim also thought more probably congenital, and Rosenberg's, in which the atony was first scarcely felt any fcrtal movements at all), and was in most cases noticed within the first few days after birth.

Harper, the advisability of more frequently using this life-saving instrument is most strenuously insisted on. The cock, when full-grown, stands about twenty-eight inches high, if he is a good specimen; the female, about twenty-two or twenty-three inches.

In the only case examined histologically, marked pathologic conditions were present in the liver and kidney. Eclectic specialities shall be dictated immediately after those of the other examiners in the same branch, and are to be taken down by all the students. As soon as swelling has fallen off (which may be assisted by torsion) the surface of the wound should be cleansed daily with disinfectants until a dry scab has formed, under which healing occurs in from eight to fourteen days. Opii during the day and often drops during the the day; to be continued at night.

In his practice he has never used the syringe, but prefers a hollow sound. Rarely there may be fever or anorexia. The other three cases have had several attacks, usually one each winter, but they are in good and fair hc-alth after the pain has subsided.

The poison invades the connective tissue of all the organs, including- the spinal cord and the brain. What are their qualifications to formulate a peace and perpetuate that peace for the entire world? Summarizing briefly from an. She recovered, however, and has been in very fair health during the past two years. By pressing toward Douglas's sac, which is easy when the wound is large, after cutting the peritoneum, the upper part of the rectum, the sigmoid flexure, and the uterus, with its adnexa, can be brought into view. SO far as they are available, green-corn fodder, cabbage, carrot, and turnip leaves, and an addition of meal or shorts. The roofs are formed of boards battened with slats. There was a large foreign substance in the common bile duct. In describing these various pathologic conditions the author endeavors to elucidate the course or evolution of the morbid processes, but naturally in many instances does not succeed in doing so, owing largely to the paucity of our knowledge of these diseases. Shortly stated, the two reactions are to my mind of the foremost importance to the clinician, and so far as accuracy is concerned, they almost occupy the first place among our means of detecting disease. The concensus of opinion, however, seems to be that the thyroid treatment for exophthalmic goitre is not onlj' of no service, but is actually of great injury to the patients. Among a number of priests who assisted The staff of the department was again augmented by five Army chaplains enrolled in a year's program of clinical pastoral education beginning in Father Capitani, were assigned to the Clinical Center for this study program as a part of their career development. Any drug causing a marked depression of the fetal circulation and fetal heart rate might result in stagnant anoxia. We beg to remind them of a case of directly fatal result had received a bullet-wound in the knee, and who was etherized for the purpose of amputation, suddenly ceased to breathe during"The title of'Doctor' was invented in the twelfth century, Irnerius, a learned professor of law at the University of Bologna, induced the Emperor Lothaire II., whose chancellor he was, to create the title, and he himself was the first recipient of it.

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