Did the architects and surveyors subpoenaed in the case of the Tottenham-court-road fall of houses, some fewyears since, absolutely agree in their opinions as to the mechanism of the catastrophe, or did they contradict each other, not only as to matters of mechanical principle in building, but as to the apparently simplest and pettiest details concerning brick and mortar? Had the forensic crusade against scientific opinion in cases of lunacy proved finally triumphant, then should, as the logical consequence, all forms of skilled testimony be henceforth banished from courts of justice.

-Only in those cases complicated by a secondary infection by the ordinary pus cocci was severe pain a prominent feature. He begged the Council, in the name of the Association, to remember their responsibilities in this matter, and at once address itself to its The vote of thanks to Dr:

The following points were discussed: Age. In his experience the great difference was in the behavior of the leucocytes. Its well known action in hardening the cuticle in the case of tender nipples, where the repeated application of ardent spirits for a few weeks before the close of pregnancy, secures freedom from soreness when lactation commences, is probably dependent also upon a chemical change effected in the dermic The Physiological and Pathological Phenomena consequent its external use, has necessarily led us to anticipate in some degree.

Much to the surprise of every one, the physiological system declined with personahties, disgusted his audience; his class became less and less numer ous, and, for some years, was one of the smallest at the School of Medicine: Other cathartics do not seem to acl as promptly. - this was grasped with a sharp toothed forceps and drawn slowly through the original wound.

Neither in loo-ic nor in reason can it be allowed, that, because in one case inflrimmation does not precede the eff'usion of lymph, while in the other it does, therefore in the latter inflammation does not produce the effusion.

Svo; paper; Surgical Diagnosis, Vols.

Holbrook says that there is no well authenticated instance in Carolina, of their having preyed to whip an Alligator in three different instances. A second pregnancy was accompanied by the same symptoms, which continued even after the patient had aborted.

The first of these to which I shall call the attention of the reader is dysentery. On January the hernia was down.

Fussell had quoted and in his own cases. Freiberg replied that he held the limb in the position in which he wished to fix it. Much can be learned by considering the importance of this bellows action of the thorax because of the fortunate fact that the pul monary vascular bed is an expansile structure located within this thorax and responsive to variations in pressure within the In good health with quiet resting respirations, the cardiac output is reasonably stable. They were restless and aggressive and continually created disturbances.

In many instances dependable conclusions cannot be drawn; only impressions may be presented.

Nevertheless, he had seen a case showing as many. It is the subsequent abuse which legislation is Under the present Texas statutes, the physician, if he chooses to take legal action for must file a petition to that effect with the district clerk of the county in which he resides and the child is located. Dischargeel, cured of the ai'ute attect'on (

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