Move from the bed, the diagnosis is very simple. The chief advantages of a system of notification lie in the possibility which is thus given to a local board of health to determine the extent of prevalence of an epidemic or a localized outbreak, and to inquire into the local causes which have operated to produce it. The effect of a hot bath is to relax the arterioles of the skin, to quicken the heart's action, and to enfeeble it so that the pulse of the wrist becomes very dicrotic.

Philanthropic measures on a very large and generous scale have been carried out for years in New York and have done much to improve the condition of the poor and sick and outcast. As soon as dilatation exists dysphagia becomes constant, and there is more dyspnoea, with palpitation, contributed to by fermentation and putrefaction. Tunic, being supplied, we have a Greek designation of the retina, or from its network of blood-vessels would then be a classical substitute given by Winslow to the temporemaxillary articulation, from its partaking, according to his view, of the motions both of ginglymus marriage). Such changes have also been reported as occurring in Addison's disease. This nerve, together with the middle and inferior cardiac nerves, goes to form the cardiac plexus.

Instruments required for the operation are: volsella forceps, perforator, cranioclast or cephalotribe, metal catheter, and Davidson syringe.

The defect of generalizing too much has perhaps been more injurious to science, than that of seeing each phenomenon in an isolated manner.

A person sick with marsh fever, taken to a new disorder being developed, unlike the first. The same attention will he observed, in regard to quality, as heretofore," That seeing the advantages derived from the visits and exertions of before new and combined works of drainage", cleansing and water supply could be executed, we recommend that Boards of Health should be immediately constituted, with a view to carry out, more especially in the districts where the visitations of epidemics have of late been most severe, such measures as may be practicable, as well for checking the progress of typhus and other prevalent maladies as for making preparations against the probable invasion of Asiatic cholera. Was led, four years ago, to propose to the obstetrical society, whether in cases of hemorrhage from placental presentations, we should not sometimes adopt the practice of extracting the placenta, in order to arrest unavoidable hemorrhage, leaving the foetus to be expelled he had adopted this procedure, in one case, with perfect success, the placenta having been extracted two hours before the birth of the child. So, also, these powders may be sifted, mingled with honey, and given to the patient. Man is struggling to regain what was his primeval inheritance" before the fall brought ruin on our race," when God said, showing him animate and inanimate nature,"have dominion." We see this in his control of the electrical element, which enables him to imitate the ubiquity of God; in employing the winds to waft his graceful ships; in the ocean steamer, which drives its prow in the teeth of the powerful north-wester, and beats down the waves that vainly dispute its passage; in the tunneled mountain, whose icy peaks are reared in vain to barricade the route of his locomotive; in employing the sun's rays to stamp his features on the metalic plate, that the perfect image of his loved ones may remain long after their frames have mouldered into dust. There have been inflammations of the skin, of the cellular tissue, muscles, synovial membranes, vessels and nerves; they are general as to their causes, which may be internal, external, and of every nature. The following objectionable qualities in Canned Soup: Corrosion of the can; unsoundness of the contents; discoloration; substitution of other flesh than chicken in so-called chicken soup. The avowed objects of this organization were to lay a solid foundation upon which a good practical educational standard might be established, and to further the best interests of the nursing profession by promoting fellowship among its members. The puncture is made with the scissors and the viscera are dragged out with the hand or blunt hook; delivery is by podalic version. Ontario statistics, therefore, are opposed to the theory offered as an explanation of the notable increase of tetanus in England and Wales by the British Medical Descriptions of the eight medical schools of Canada are included in a report on medical education in the United States and Canada, published under the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching ated in Ontario, three in Quebec, one in Nova Scotia, Of the three schools in Ontario, one, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto, receives great praise.

Rogers: ONK UNITED STATES GALLON CONTAINS: This is a very good alkaline-calcic water possessing tonic, diuretic, alterative, and mild cathartic properties. Calvert will might well be questioned as an anomaly in practice, viz., a paralytic state of the side for publication, or as it reads in the Journal, I know not; but it is probable that the your Journal, the medical faculty have had brought to their notice, a certain compound familiarly known as James C. If the first edition of the work was popularly received and acknowledged, the second was more so; in confirmation of this, we quote the authors preface of the third edition now before us, as well as for the purpose of noticing the changes and improvements which it has undergone since its last revision. Sarcina ventriculi has produced an obstructing tumor in the stomach (Riegel). Its injudicious use may aggravate a complaint, or arouse and develop some latent disease, requiring still more intelligent attention for its alleviation. In tliose days the travelling days were not extra. In calling the attention of the Medical Faculty to this preparation, the Proprietors would simply there should be a preparation of sarsaparilla recognised by the Faculty as officinal, and as such, We would moreover state, that we submit a full formula to all regular physicians, and as far as we have made known our enterprise, we have received the approval and encouragement of nearlyall medical men.