Desruelles has judiciously remarked, the only proof that can be brought in support of it, is the circumstance of two or more children being seized with it in the same family; an occurrence which may be explained by the susceptibility of age and temperament, being often necessarily the same in several of them; and by their being exposed to the same agents, and placed most prevalent are those wliich are low and moist, near the sea, on the banks of large rivers or lakes, or near marshes, in the depths of low valleys, or at the bases of precipitous mountains. When the HCL and pepsin, as well as the rennet ferment are entirely wanting, as in gastric atrophy, it is generally best to abandon all efforts to promote peptic'ligestion and administer full doses of a good preparation of pancreas In atrophy, too, strychnin may be useful to assist in overcoming any coincident deficient motor or propulsive power, though gymnastics, massage, hydrotherapy, electricity, and especially intragastric faradism, will any one of them as a rule accomplish mo-re in such atonic conditions, as also in dilatation of the stomach from atonic causes. Sponge off the shoulders, neck and back on coming in from a hard drive, or day's work, with cold water, containing a little salt. Certain accessory germs, mainly cocci, during the course of the disease invade the pseudo-membrane, the inflamed mucosa and sometimes the internal organs, having obtained a nidus favorable for their development in the diseased focus. The hvgieuic treatment lie considered very important, and mercury and iodide of potassium he had fouod very useful in unloading the portal circulation and improving the nutrition of the uterus. The kidneys were enlarged and exudation followed section. Both are one- fourth of an inch wide, about one-tenth of an inch thick, and there are notches at the edges at intervals of one-fourth of an inch. Stinmlating, nels and hot bricks to the surface, and administer annnonia aru To prevent Inture attacks, gentle tonics should fce and, and the hojH'ful, and free from great excitement. No other bacterium present in the intestine possesses this property.

Two of the medical officers are suflFering from tuberculosis contracted, in one case," undoubtedly in the performance of his hospital work," and, in the other," hastened in its progress doubtless by the exposure and severe duty imposed upon him as officer in command of the Delaware Breakwater Quarantine." At least two officers have contracted small-pox, and quite a number have suffered Four different officers have died of yellow fever since these officers draws attention to the fact that absolutely no provision is made for the families of those who fall in this service. Finally, an uniform red colour is occasionally observed.

The gentle removal of whatever fragments are lying in th( uterine cavity, by means of forceps, care being taken not to tear f ron Second. System of the vagina and delivered through the incision by means of the forceps and abdominal pressure a living child which had been carried early ruture of the ectopic gestation sac, but little attention was given with two deaths. Occasionally they move with the greatest rapidity; at other times they seem to be perfectly quiescent. Serous diarrhcea, should be treated with reference arisen from the irritation of morbid matters, and if tiie symptoms indicate their partial retention, laxatives or mild purgatives are requisite; but it will not always be safe to exhibit them until general or local depletions, especially leeches aaplied to the anus, warm baths or fomentations, and demulcents with refrigerants, have been neither fiEcal nor other injurious matters are retained, depletions should be accompanied witli, and followed by, the internal exhibition of the nitrate of potash, with carbonate of soda, and (c) When this form of aflection arises from checked perspiration, diaphoretics, diluents, the warm bath, a warm bed, and mild, demulcent or farinaceous diet in small quantity, will generally remove the disorder in a very short lime. Cases of this description are detailed under the appellation of bronchial polypi by the older writers, and figures production retained its ramified and tubular form.

The relief in most cases is immediate. In some cases, the part is not only extremely atrophied, but at last disappears altogether. As much fine sugar as shall leave a smart flavor of the fruit, and a wineglassful of sherry. One grain of antipyrin is given for each year of the child's A combination of belladonna or atropine and antipyrin acts better than any alone. Hold the bags under your chins backwards and forward ten times, counting both ways. About ten drops may be mixed with an ounce of mucilage of gum arable, well sweetened with loaf sugar. An easily absorbable ferruginous preparation is of inconteetable benefit, and I believe that Gude's PeptoMangan occupies a prominent place in this connection. Sedation is procured by means of an opiate and a barbituric acid derivative. The proper functioning of the joint after the cure of the disease was a most important element in securing the best nutrition and development of the limb. Since their presence cannot, as a rule, be detected, treatment is not indicated before embolism occurs, and is too late after the embolus has struck. It is characterized by cold moist hands of a bluish red color from a little above the wrists and increasing somewhat in intensity distally. The combination was present in one case, however, which was seen by Dr. He said we had ruined his article, which consisted of ten pages of written foolscap.

His throat is full of a viscid, glairy matter, which he continually tries to clear away. In each case a complete cure was the result (abertoatedemadrugada.com). All impediments to free motion and the exercise of our organs are more or less injurious. Often the inflammatory attacks are not extensive enough to produce an enlargement of sufficient size to be seized by tbe guillotine; and at all times, preferably when there is no inflammatory engorgement, the little crypts can be entered by these olive-pointed right-angled knives, their mouths enlarged or united, and the cavities shaped secretion.

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