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They are welcome to their belief, and in this short lecture I could not, even if I knew how, discuss this great point adequately, yet around it hangs the great secret of life and of what it is.

Such urines are usually rich in mucus-like substance, and deposit crystals of triple phosphate. On the recently exposed earth, there was what appeared to be a whitish mould, or more closely the in crustations of some salt. Before discussing this question more fully, however, it is advisable that we should again refer to Hughlings Jackson's scheme of evolution.

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We can only say in addition that the surgeon will find them interspersed with interesting and practical remarks, which cannot fail well to reward the attention which he may bestow upon them. It is necessary, however, that the internal os should be first freely dilated. Such horses are known by the upper jaw overhanging the lower in consequence ot which the teeth do not press against and cannot be rubbed against each other, and the marks do not become effaced.


You can search through the full text of this book on the web HYGIENE, AND OTHER TOPICS OF INTEREST BY LEADING MEMBERS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION WITH CORRESPONDENTS IN MONTREAL, LONDON. In most instances, we shall find the victim to have been carried off by apoplexy; and of these cases I have already spoken.

This the priestphysicians were compelled to acknowledge, and did indeed themselves most readily discover. In lobar pneumonia, as in other acute infectious diseases, the digestive organs are less active than normal, and are in a condition which can he easily disturbed by any but the most simple food. The evils of this stigma are so apparent that I need say but little on these lines. If we could suppose a soldier to inflict a sabre cut upon twenty different people, on the same part of the body, with similar force, there would be a great similarity in the first appearance of each of these wounds; but let him take aim with one firearm, loaded in the same manner, and let his aim be so sure that he shall strike twenty people in the wound, it may be very evident in what direction the ball has been received, yet it is impossible to say in what way an intended wound of this kind will be inflicted. From these experiments Mendel showed that when certain contrasted characters are brought together in a hybrid Fl, the two original determining units are sorted out in the germ cells of each generation in such a way that each germ cell (ova or sperm) carries one or the other of these units. This is a collection of eight lectures which were prepared orignallj for the class of the Long Island College, and they will be fonnd to embrace many of the diseases and functional derangements of the bladder and urethra, which are not to be found in any systematic work in the English language.

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