I have devised a forceps w-ith four flat approximating prongs, the whole being an inch across. Useful in scorbutic This plant is a native of the south of Europe, hut is cultivated in our gardens. Prescribe cautiously and in small quantities to patients with suicidal tendencies. The payment seems to be exorbitant. The writer's attention has moi'e than once been called to cases diagnosed as tuberculosis in which microscopical examination, as well as other bacteriological methods showed the diseased condition to be the result of another cause.

As it would be a useless expenditure of time to describe the old and cumbersome instruments of Desormeaux and Cruise, The following description of the Leiter endoscope is quoted from a recent article by W.

After the last increase, when the patient was taking potassium daily, there was perceptible improvement; the anaesthesia and ataxia disappeared and the muscular atrophy diminished; the patient could walk quite well with the aid of a cane or support. Turned she felt a dragging in the back, and a sensation of tightening of the ligature caused her more pain than at any previous twisting: bowels not yet open; abdomen free from tympanitis, pain, or tenderness. A full Blue Cross participating hospital. It has, however, been learned that isolated paralysis of the internal rectus may externus muscles cannot be referred to any constitutional has ascertained that many such paralyses are preceded by severe acute coryza, and are evidently due to extension of infection from the nose.

Haas Association, the New York County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and Harry Landesman, M.D., of New York City, died Raphael Lewy, M.D., of New York City, died on Manhattan General Hospital. In the largest number of cases the pain is felt in front, in or just below the xiphoid appendix; or in the left hypochondriuni in the intercostal region of the last dorsal or first lumbar vertebra, or under the angle of the scapula. The advantage claimed for it is that it is more stable, acts more slowly, and proves more efficient as a dressing for wounds and other surgical purposes.

Tract, lung, colon, breast, thyroid, and malignant lymphomas, all of which I feel have largely been ruled out in this case.

Immediately below the tube and to its outer end was a cyst with contents similar to those of the tubes and cysts already described.

It was desirab'e that these sizes should be given in the metric system.


This class of legislation was entirely new in this State and practically new in this country. The committee unanimously ag'eed that Dr.

Yet these secrets of the vital process are also gradually being revealed. The diseases most often encountered were jaundice, leucorrhea, and dysentery.