Collapse followed labor, the patient remained almost pulseless and died the District Medical Society a case of perforation of the vermiform appendix, causing an intraperitoneal abscess mid general adhesive peritonitis in which recovery followed laparotomy and drainage.

The principal advantages of medullary tractotomy preservation of tactile sensation eliminates the severe pain of anesthesia dolorosa. Robertson, our architect, who has not only given us his best thought in planning our new building, but by his painstaking care and judgment in awarding contracts assumed the unusual labor of both architect and contractor, and by so doing has diminished by many thousand dollars the cost of our And now for the years that are before us. The contention can only be that the ultimate result must be kept in mind during the quiescent stage and measures must be Not always is it to be expected that ankyloses will result spontaneously. If we simply put the baby to the breast and it does not get anything for three days, or if it gets very little for three days, it becomes dehydrated and there is an Unnecessary loss of weight and the danger of the occurrence of anhydremia and acidosis. Had no effect on ability of the subjects to maintain sustained attention. Location and Arrangement Methods for Handling Infected or Suspected Vessels I i;.r,iit Iraprnvements in Hospitals for Infectious I I, I i.ii.litions that Should Determine (I;,- i;equiringTreatment if Shipped from a Port or h I linkTa, Yellow Fever or Smallpox?""Methods from Traumatic Causes." By E. These cases are by no means uncommon; they often pass tut on microscopical examination you can discover the socalled gonorrhceal threads that are passed in the first urine in the morning. Already the great work is under way. To do this we must remove all debris from the pelvic peritoneal cavity, first with the sponge and, if we have operated upon a septic uterus, next by washing it out with a stream of sterilized water. They present pediatrics twenty, surgery sixty-four, genito-urinary surgery sixteen, gnecology and obstetrics forty-three, ophthalmology eleven, otology and laryngology tw'enty, and In order not to trespass too much on the space in our plethoric Journal, only a few notes can be culled on growing subjects that are exciting considerable discussion in A fair idea of the usefulness of the book as a representative of the progress in medicine, can be gained by referring and he occupies ten pages with important teachings, the iconoclastic nature of which will shock the physiologists. The patient was conscious when lie was brought to the hospital.

For indications for this treatment by milk m such cases, I refer to my article on syphilis of the heart. Endoprosthetic replacement also carried the risk of loosening, fatigue fracture and infection; however, follow-up to date of this mode of therapy has not been long enough to evaluate failure The patients were examined for muscle strength and range of motion, pain with rest and ambulation and evidence of local recurrence.


Professors should be very careful to curb the innate tendency to magnify the importance of the capital operations, and perhapsthrough them their own ability as operators to thedetriment and neglect of minor work. These slight febrile symptoms developed. Top, Ground section of normal canine femoral head. The skull was opened in the situation of the wound and about two and a half ounces of blood which had accumulated between the bone and dura mater escaped.

Attempts at removal may be made with the operating culdoscope or through a posterior colpotomy, but in the majority of cases removal is done under When reports of uterine perforation by the IUD were first being made, there was a great fear of"pressure erosion" of the device through the wall of the uterus. The lower end of the portion to be removed was then lifted and the loosened convolution was cut away from the underlying brain-substance with a pair of scissors. Hence the fact that tetanic attacks occurred less frequently in each single individual on a mixed diet than on an exclusive thymus diet is due to the difference in the amount of thymus substance. The fibrotic appearance ranges from simple reticulonodular fibrosis to extensive replacement by fibrous tissue causing retraction and accompanied by emphysema or bronchiectasis.

Freeborn, Jr., Clyde, Newton C. A week after operation quite conscious and had recovered speech.

Authorized Translation from the second German edition, by Baldwin Lucke, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology, School of The book, as the author states in his preface, is an introduction to the subject which was originally given in the form of lectures. As in rupture of the biceps of the muscle, so in the rupture of the levator ani we put one finger into the gap, only with this difference, the rupture does not extend through the whole widt the muscle.

The next day the one thousand, and twelve to one thousand, the last being considered by him as too strong for the human eye. My observations teach me that the sooner we succeed in breakuig up the acute stage of the pleurisy, the more favorable will be the further course of the disease, and the sooner will occur absorption of the effusion and the possibility of aiding it by therapeutic measures. Thousands of old men are to-day suffering unspeakable tortures because of the so-called conservatism and total reliance upon the catheter practiced by their physicians.

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